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Cranberry Love – Part 3: Cranberry Chicken

I know, I know another cranberry recipe…but I warned you! However, this is not some bake a sweet treat kinda week. I really wanted to see what else I could do with cranberries that was savory, and I couldn’t stop thinking about a recipe I’d seen on Pinterest for Cranberry Chicken, so I was officially on a mission.

Now here’s what I LOVED, which I’ve come to really appreciate the past few months. This recipe had few ingredients that were also easy to come by. All you need are chicken breasts, pecans, can of whole berry cranberry sauce, Catalina dressing, and a packet of dry onion soup mix. That’s it!

The best part though is that it was insanely easy to make! Just put the chicken in a baking dish, top with all of the ingredients and bake. Yeah that’s it. Truly the perfect dish to throw together when you get home from a busy day of work.

This chicken was fabulous. Kind of a sweet and tangy flavor yet still savory. So you have the sweet yet slightly tart cranberries, tangy salad dressing, and savory taste from the onion soup mix. The pecans added a nice crunch to give a bit more texture.

Serve this chicken with your favorite sides. I went with a baked potato but rice would be fab too, and then your favorite veggies. And What was great was spooning some of the sauce over the top of the chicken as you take it up. The chicken was super juicy and cooked really well. A meat thermometer is really handy to make sure the internal temp in the thickest part of the meat is at least 165 degrees. (I get slightly paranoid about raw chicken.)

So what are you waiting for…go get these 5 ingredients and fire up your oven. Click here for the recipe and step by step instructions.

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Cranberry Love – Part 2: Cranberry Orange Bread

So it’s that time of the year when I can easily get my hands on cranberries…hooray! And I’m not promising that this month my blog won’t be overtaken by cranberry recipes, because it could happen. And this week has been a stressful one, and if you follow me much, you know when I’m stressed, I bake! So Cranberry Orange Bread naturally was all I could think of.

You’ll need several oranges and not quite 1 bag of cranberries. For the oranges just zest enough for 2 tablespoons. I think I zested 3 oranges to get that amount, and juice enough for a cup of orange juice. It will take 4-6 oranges depending on size to get a cup. I prefer the freshly squeezed, because the flavor is better and it’s not full of sugar. And then clean and rinse 4 cups of cranberries. You can slice any large cranberries in half and leave the smaller ones whole.

Then just mix your dry ingredients together. I used a stand mixer to combine sugar, vegetable oil, and orange zest. Then add in the eggs and finally alternate dry ingredients with orange juice and water. Once the batter is done, fold in the pecans and cranberries.

When it comes to the bread tins, this recipe recommends doing mini bread tins. They do make for great gifts, as I can already attest to. I wasn’t sure if I had some mini tins, so I was going to do a larger one, and just bake it longer. We did find some mini bread tins hiding in a cabinet, so out they came. I do love the idea of the mini bread loaves for freezing, gift giving, and portion control!

Flavor wise, the bread is not overly sweet, which I really appreciated. And the orange flavor was easy to taste and I love how well cranberry and orange go together. And the added crunch of the pecans (or walnuts) is a perfect compliment to the bread’s texture. Just writing this is making me hungry, so I know I’m going to be grabbing a slice in a moment!

So whatcha waiting for, go grab a bag of cranberries and click here to make this recipe!

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