White plate with quinoa and Greek flavors

Greek Chicken Quinoa Salad




Yield 4 servings

This delicious meal is crazy easy to make, gluten free, and dairy free if you skip the Feta. Enjoy!


Salad Ingredients:


  1. Chicken: Start by bringing a large pot of water to boil, and then add the raw chicken to the water. Remove the pot from the heat, cover, and let the chicken poach for 20-25 minutes. Place the cooked chicken (I like to cut through the thickest part to make sure it’s cooked) on a plate and then shred with your hands once it’s cool enough to handle.


  2. Quinoa: In a saucepan, add 1 cup of quinoa (that you’ve rinsed), 2 cups of water, 1 T. tomato paste, 1 T. dried oregano, and a pinch of salt. Bring it to a boil, stir, and once it’s boiling, reduce the heat to low, cover and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Once all of the water is absorbed, transfer the quinoa to a large bowl.


  3. Prepping Ingredients: While the chicken & quinoa cook, chop the cucumbers, olives, and parsley. You can also measure out the sun-dried tomatoes too.


  4. To Finish: Add the cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, shredded chicken, parsley, 2 T. EVOO, 2 T. Red Wine Vinegar and salt and pepper to the quinoa. Combine really well, and taste and add more salt or pepper if needed. Then dice the Feta into bite-sized pieces, and gently stir it into the quinoa. Enjoy right away and you can eat it cold or warmed up!


Quick Tip: Skip the feta to keep this dairy free, and it'll be delicious either way!

Courses Main Meal

Cuisine Healthy

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1/4 of recipe

Amount Per Serving

Calories 527

% Daily Value

Total Fat 29 g


Saturated Fat 10 g


Unsaturated Fat 9 g

Cholesterol 63 mg


Sodium 1008 mg


Total Carbohydrates 41 g


Dietary Fiber 5 g


Sugars 5 g

Protein 18 g


* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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